Career Profile

I/O graduate with in depth knowledge of complex organizational challenges looking to use organization data to create evidence-based decisions.  Adept with problem solving skills, reorganizing and improving operations, and leadership.

Career Highlights

  • Streamlined laboratory usage that resulted in decrease in patient wait times and an increase in patient satisfaction.
  • Produced new interview procedures and questions based on job analysis findings to create more efficient interviews.
  • Developed an on-boarding training plan which reduced training time by 25%.

Work Experience

Self Employed                                                                                                                             Feb – Jun 2019

Recruitment Selection Consultant

Temporarily consulted for a large pharmaceutical company on selecting interns for a long-term artificial intelligence project that required advanced python skills.

  • Developed a blended structured interview integrating behavioral and situation judgement interview questions.
  • Validated selection questions through a job analysis and subject matter expert interviews.
  • Created an interview ranking guide and for interviewees and trained necessary staff on utilizing the forms.
  • Trained and educated hiring manager on best interview practices, including adhering to their standard human resources selection practices.
  • Lead meetings reviewing the week candidates, interview results, and discussing each candidate ranking.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center                                       Nov 2010– Present

Data Specialist 

Promoted into this position to expand skill set with a focus on using very technical computer skills and complex problem solving.

Sr. Data Coordinator          

Promoted into this position with more focus on managing active protocols and working in a more involved leadership role with staff.   

Sr. Behavioral Science Lab Tech

Promoted into this position with a focus on leading and training staff and to also take on new responsibilities of managing the laboratory.                                                 

Behavioral Science Lab Tech                                                                                                                           

Promoted into this position with a focus on data analysis, database management, project management, and process engineering. 

Research Assistant

  •  Provide project oversight with various teams on workforce planning for new studies while ensuring compliance and data integrity.
  • Innovate new methods for data collection and management to create a more user-friendly experience and reduce duplicating work efforts.
  • Manage data analysis and reporting for various protocols.
  • Provide oversight, training, and delegation of duties for staff and trainees.
  • Create complex queries and data reports.
  • Perform quality assurance on managed databases, including benchmark tracking.
  • Consult on developing policies, procedures, and work flow processes to ensure project efficiency.
  • Assisted management with staff performance improvement needs and developed action plans.
  • Managed study finances and complete quarterly reports on expenditures.
  • Directed weekly team meetings and facilitated different recruitment strategies for increased participant enrollment.
  • Produced and managed study related databases in RedCap, Excel, and Access. Extracted relevant data for weekly and monthly meeting graphs, interim analysis, and continuing review.
  • Collaborated on grant proposals, grant budget proposals, research protocols, and study publications.
  • Improved the accuracy of staff position descriptions through conducting a job analysis.
  • Facilitated interview training for hiring managers to reduce interview bias and increase retention.
  • Delegated various tasks to research staff based on project needs to increase efficiency of recruitment.
  • Lead laboratory training sessions for new hires and evaluate their performance to have new staff work independently in a timely manner.
  • Educated and provided performance coaching to new hires until their competency reached standard or higher.
  • Developed marketing materials for research studies.
  • Performed laboratory visits involving recording brain, muscle, and heart activity.
  • Reduced project costs through restructuring the supply management system and ensuring money was not wasted on excess supply or missing items.
  • Reorganized and improved research visit operations associated with measurable factors like increased patient satisfaction, decreased wait times, decrease in staff frustration.

University of Houston Clear Lake                                                                     Aug 2016 – May 2017

Statistics and Methods Teaching Assistant                                             

  • Guided students on adhering to APA guidelines and statistics, and SPSS.
  • Tutored student in both methods of psychology and statistical analysis.
  • Delivered feedback to students about their performance on assignments and exams.
  • Processed student papers for plagiarism and reported if necessary.
  • Assisted in classroom activities and lectures.


University of Houston Clear Lake  

Master’s of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology                               

University of Houston                                                                                                                                            

Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Sociology