My name is Danika Dirba and I am an I/O practitioner looking to break out into the field in either HR, training and development, or organizational development.  I seek to answer complex questions through problem solving, by conducting new and using previous research to produce the best results for  organizations.  These results can be accomplished through simple changes, such as having accurate position descriptions, developing and providing adequate training, while increasing retention through OD programs.

My recent job experience is in research and it has taught me the value of  logical problem solving, and questioning the root cause of potential organizational challenges.  As an example, creating a training program sounds like a great idea to address some workplace performance issues.  However,  oftentimes conducting a needs analysis prior to introducing the new training can reveal that there may not be a need for new, potentially costly training at all, which would provide little value to the organization, but rather will identify other underlying causes in the organization that can be managed in a more time and cost efficient manner.   This type of analytical thinking can get results when solving complex organizational issues.

I am currently seeking new opportunities that will challenge me and have potential for learning and problem solving.  Please reach out to me on my LinkedIn profile if you’re interested in connecting!